One half of the evil emperor

Looking at Dumb's pleading eyes, Ruoma's heart softened, and she knew that if this group of outsiders had not saved them, she was afraid that her fate would be like those missing sisters, becoming human slaves.

A narrow conference room, a shabby wooden table, ten broken wooden chairs that squeaked when sitting, and a dim kerosene lamp overhead gave off a pale yellow light that enveloped the whole conference room. Just pushed open the door on the east side, Chi Yaoyang came in here, and there were people on the wooden chairs and tables in the corner of the conference room, secretly counting seven. What does that mean? Do you really want to do it again? The eighth. The evil man in red sitting on the ground in the corner suddenly smiled and greeted Chi Yaoyang in a very covert way, but with a very welcoming expression on his face to the obvious eighth one who came in, "There are still two to go." Set out? Noticing that the seven people here did not exude a murderous look, Chi Yaoyang relaxed and continued to look around. The man in black sitting on the edge was lowering his head and carving the legs of the table vigorously, and the lifelike head clearly told Chi Yaoyang that he was carving a phoenix reborn from the ashes. Phoenix? Somehow, Chi Yaoyang remembered the mythical beast who had been silently guarding Gu Xichao and even died for him. Aware of Chi Yaoyang's wandering eyes, the man in black raised his head, a strange and very threatening delicate face, but why are the slightly narrowed eyes and the radian of the lips so familiar? "Pool, here." A man dressed in white with boundless murderous intent interrupted Chi Yaoyang's almost rude gaze. Chi Yaoyang turned to observe the man in white who called out his name, with a bloody temperament of elegance, Chi Yaoyang could not believe that this would be the gentle and even cowardly best friend he was familiar with. Nangong? Chi Yaoyang tried to confirm. It's me. Is it really far from it? Rubbing his face, Nangong pulled Chi Yaoyang to sit down with a wry smile. Explain the situation to him. It turned out that the first person to enter here would be instructed by the indifferent voice that the passage of the next level would not be opened until ten people had gathered together. Then these ten people would help each other to break through and reach the designated place without abandoning any one person. Then all ten people would pass, and all of them would be brushed off. Who was the first to come in? Remembering that it only took five minutes to bring down eleven people, the first one. "The one you were staring at." Nangong Nu Nu mouth, but there is no eyes want to fight with the man of the blazing. Perhaps he had guessed who it was? "The first pass is Yong, the second pass is Wu,tin beneficiation plant, and the third pass?" Just as he was meditating, the ninth man also entered the conference room. The man did not expect that there would be so many people here. Then he stopped talking, looked around, and walked over to the man in black who was carving flowers on the table. Wisdom. The man who was carving the phoenix raised his head and seemed to smile, "Long time no see, drunk." The blue-shirted Confucian scholar who was named smiled faintly, with the same smile in the corner of his eyes: "Long time no see, Li." What Is he Li?! Chi Yaoyang Nangong looked at each other and stood up in surprise, while the man sitting in the other corner jumped up with a cry of surprise. We were taken special care of by someone. Seeing the sunshine jumping out of the corner, Li was not surprised at all, but smiled shallowly, revealing the same evil charm as Gu Xichao. In the third round of the primary election, coltan ore processing ,mineral flotation, we met two thirds of the candidates who were qualified to contend for hegemony in the world, plus the first and second runners-up in the tour. The combination of these ten people is at the elite level. What about the other people? It's not an ordinary person, is it? "I guess the tenth one to come in is Yin Tian." Glass will nirvana phoenix carving finished, patted the sawdust on the body, smiling at the door. With a bang, the door was kicked open, and apparently the last man was startled by the nine burning eyes in the room, hesitating for a moment before stepping in. The frequency of walking is absolutely standard. At the same time, a man sitting in the corner found that the frequency was a little excited to stand up, then suddenly thought of something, and sat back resentfully. The bearer is Yin Tian! "Everyone is here. Choose the captain and go into the maze." An indifferent voice came in at the right time. The calm surface of the water seemed to have been thrown a stone and fluctuated. Is it possible for their team, which has obviously been taken special care of, to elect a captain who is convinced by everyone? They looked at each other, and the sunshine shrugged his shoulders to show that he would not participate in the election. Li and Chi Yaoyang smiled bitterly at each other. You come The two men spoke in unison. Chapter 47 chaos begins. "So, let's get started." Standing at the entrance of the maze, the shadow of the moon, dressed in a water-blue silk gown and holding a Jasper fan, pointed to the long, narrow and dark corridor in the middle, "Li and I are exploring the way ahead, Chi Yaoyang and Sunshine are responsible for the aftermath, and the rest are on guard on both sides." Several people who were called by name looked at each other, raised their eyebrows, and did so. In this captain, those who are absolutely qualified to do it are humble to each other, while those who do not want to do it are pushed to the stage. Yes, the captain of this team full of weird masters and high masters is the shadow of the moon. The words to convince others are very simple, a total of six words: "he" is a drunken concubine. Anyone who has ever played the game knows that the drunken imperial concubine who defeated tens of millions of challengers without force but by stratagem. Although he was finally defeated by the darkness of the light, for the character who appeared and disappeared in an instant like a meteor, the name of the drunken imperial concubine was obviously greater. Therefore, the shadow of the moon justifiably became the captain of the team. After arranging the team, the shadow of the moon and glass in the front to explore the way, after all, the so-called maze, is a lot of forks, perhaps there will be some organ springs. So several people walked very slowly. How do you know it's mine? Endure for a long time, glass finally can not help but ask the shadow of the moon how to know his identity. From the glass to the mythical beast phoenix, from the phoenix nirvana reshaping the puppet body to the present appearance, his appearance has become completely different,Portable gold trommel, in addition to each time the face can be called exquisite peerless, temperament feeling is different, sometimes even contrary. Just as there is a trace of cynicism in his temperament now. He couldn't figure out how the shadow of the moon recognized him.


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