How To Setup Signature In Outlook Webmail App?

Do you want to setup the signature on outlook mobile application? Generally, it happens because of the signature or computer signature.


We all know that outlook is one of the fantastic email platform. To make it more elegant,  many people like to add the email signature. so they can represent our identity. In case, if you don't know much about how to add email signature in outlook mail application. 

How to add the email signature in outlook webmail? 

  • Let's open the outlook mail application. 
  • Click on the Settings. 
  • Now click on the View more outlook settings. 
  • Here, you have to press the compose reply menu. 
  • Select the email signature. 
  • Now you can add your email signature and click on the save button. 

Finally, your account will start working. In case, if you need more hlep, you need to visit askprob blogs. 

How to change email signatures in outlook app? 

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