private ltd company registration in Indiranagar


With the help of your professional’s at consultry, you can easily register a private limited company without any big hassle, our advisers will support you during Pvt ltd incorporation in Indiranagar. We are the best Pvt ltd registration service provider in Indiranagar. A priv

The requirements to register a PVT LTD company in Indiranagar.

  • There must be a minimum of two shareholders and two directors during the early stage of the incorporation.
  • A maximum of more than two directors and less than 4 directors are allowed.
  • Every director must be holding a digital signature certificate.
  • A foreign national can also act as the company director.
  • Directors and shareholders can be the same.

Minimum authorized capital and paid-up capital required.

  • The minimum paid-up capital for a private limited entity was 1 lakh
  • Authorized capital is the total number of shares a private entity can permit to its shareholders.

List of things to be noted down before taking-up a name for a private limited company.

  • It must be unique and must not contradict with other existing names.
  • There must not be abbreviations in the name.
  • Avoid including country name.
  • Avoid names that resonate or associate with other country government.


Advantages of private limited business

  • Easy to form.
  • Limited liability.
  • Easy to Increase the scale of your business and expand.
  • A private limited company can issue shares as they want.
  • If the company is going to exit the business for some unknown reason being Pvt limited will be useful.

How much it costs to register pvt limited company in Indiranagar?

It depends on size and scale of your business, Some of the Top pvt limited company registration consultancy’s in Indiranagar provide best possible advice for your business during registration.


How much time does it takes to complete your private limited company process in Indiranagar?

It takes around 8 -10 days depending on the size of your business.


Why you should choose us to register a private limited company?

Our team was pioneering in registration services, we follow unique Techniques and methods to improve bottom line of your business.

Some questions you might have?

Do I need to a registration?

Yes, Ministry of corporate affairs registers company under the companies act, 2013.

Does your pvt ltd registration consultants give me good service?

We are known for our service quality, Take our word on this. We are going to provide you with industry standard service.


Is being Private limited company risky for me and my shareholders?

Private limited company is treated as a separate entity under the legal body, shareholders are not held responsible if anything goes wrong.


What is minimum membership limit?

2 individuals


Can a person from outside India be owner?


How much will be the tax?

25% of your profits will be taxed along with cess, the surcharge will be only if your business exceeds profit of 1 crore.

Can I convert my business into any other legal form?

Yes, a private business can be made into public and vice-versa.