Why is my lenovo thinkpad Not charging?

Are you currently unable to charge the lenovo thinkpad laptop? Here are the guide to fix it on your device.

The Lenovo ThinkPad is mostly being used for the business purposes. That's why lenovo has made them as durable laptop. also, it charges quickly. so you don't have to wait much. When you plugin the laptop with the power adapter. it should start charging immedietely and battery should be fully charged with in 30-40 minutes.

But sometimes, Lenovo thinkpad is not charging because of the incorrect username or password error. If you don't know how to fix it? here are the guide to fix the problems. 

How To Fix Lenovo Thinkpad not charging problem? 

  • First of all, you need to check the charging adapter on your lenovo laptop. please check that the laptop is connected to the power source properly. 
  • Now check the power adapter on your laptop. Be sure that it is in working condition. in case, if your laptop is not charging. you need to disconnect the laptop and then reconnect it to the laptop. 
  • When Lenovo laptop does not charge itself while there is on problem on the power adapter. you should check the DC connector. Most probably, the DC connector is broken. that's why it won't charge the battery. So you need to open the laptop back panel and fix the DC connection. 
  • If your laptop is charging in the beggining but stops charging after certain point of time. There could be a problem with the charging adapter or laptop. so you need to disconnect the laptop and then reconnect it again. 
  • Let's Check the power management driver on your laptop. make sure that your driver is working perfectly. In case, if your laptop is still not working, you need to remove the adapter and then re-add the adapter again. after that it will start charging the laptop. 

So these are the steps to fix lenovo thinkpad not charging issue. in case, if you need more help. you need to visit askprob blogs. there you will find the complete blog.

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