Take the north-facing route through Totrich village

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Totrich will be the third city on Arthetine, the seventh continent of Lost Ark. It's also an enjoyable change after a couple of action-heavy locations Lost Ark Gold, offering plenty of adventures and story-building. Plus, there are eight mokoko seeds more for players to gather.

Unfortunately only two seeds are found in the town, and one in The Temple of Sceptrum. Most of the rest are in heavily guarded areas. But , on the plus side, none are in hidden locations or require you to learn any additional sheet music for accessing them. To find all the exact places, please read the article below.

Mokoko Seed One - South Of Clockwork Square

Head into Totrich and head into Clockwork Square. Follow the road south, passing Triport and then into the zone under the control of mercenaries. Take a walk past the first two houses , and then make a turn to the west in between the second and third ones. When you see two houses ahead, walk between the two houses as well. The first seed is located in the bush to the left of the entrance to the more northern of the two houses.

Mokoko Seed Two - Junkyard

Take the north-facing route through Totrich village and up to Clockwork Square. Then, take the east path and then take the first right, going south past Rizen Orphanage, sticking to the eastern part of the region. Take the path past the well and go right into the section, where there is pipes that leak water. Just in front of it is a shady green bush front of a tin roofing. The second mokoko is within the bush.

Mokoko Seeds Three To Five Three To Five East Of Totrich

Take a northerly route out of the junkyard and return to the orphanage. Next, head to the east just before the antique store. Follow the north-facing portion of the track Cheap Lost Ark Gold, and you'll see an incline ladder (if you venture out of the security of the town then you've gone too far). The at the top is the local vista point - and the third mokoko seed.

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