This sort of raid was possible

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Going by the name Sulley, this was not some effortless work. According to PC Gamer, Sulley spent a complete month organizing a"marauding marathon" which included the destruction of 32 player-owned channels. These channels were nested in Hisec.Many of EVE Mobile ISK those stations had several things of significance, as is to be anticipated. This station was owned by players called Future Tech Industries. Apparently, this led the crew into a historical loot of 4 trillion ISK values in things. This converts to about $60,000.

This sort of raid was possible because of some recent changes made to EVE Online by developer CCP connected to the mechanics of player-built distance stations. Hats off to Sulley and crew.In case you missed it, CCP declared two particular in-game events kicking off June 9, called Gathering Storm and Lightning Strikes. You may read up on the details of the events here.

EVE Fanfest 2020 In Reykjavik Canceled Due To Coronavirus

This comes on the heels of numerous gambling giants pulling their involvement from major events due to Cheap EVE Echoes ISK the same fears.