Cash App Account Closed no Explanation

The reason I came to this subreddit was to ask if anyone else had weird charges and shit cause the cash app wouldn’t recover my money.

Recently my cash app account was closed with no explanation as to why and of course I was not allowed to use my card or transfer out my funds to the bank I finally got help and was told that to be able to transfer my funds out I had to link a fresh debit card with your info of course and it worked immediately hope this helps someone else with this issue also I am still waiting to find if I will be able to reopen a closed cash app account and my main concern was my funds out of this closed cash app account.


Banned from cash app? Account closed and support won’t talk to me


The reason I came to this subreddit was to ask if anyone else had weird charges and shit cause the cash app wouldn’t recover my money.


The story is, I rarely use it. Mainly just to send some money to friends for events or buy random crap online or game time for games. Sometimes I’ll buy bitcoin and let it sit in there or I’ll save money for later on.


I noticed two transactions come out to someone I didn’t know. This happens over the summer and I never knew it cause I never got notifications for it. I do now think I got skimmed or something cause I use the card for gas sometimes and even my bank card was hacked by someone in Washington state around the same time I noticed all of this.


So I emailed cash app live support and asked about recovering the money transactions. They said they couldn’t assist with it BECAUSE THE OTHER PARTY HAS ALREADY ACCEPTED THEM. They said my bank might be able to help me get them back however since it auto transferred from my debit card. (It drained my account and took from my funding source)


So I went to my bank and they did it for me. Now a month and a half later they banned me from using the cash app, have a lot of my bitcoin as ransom, and won’t reply to any support emails other than a canned response for my account being closed.


This is absolute bullshit. Especially since I emailed the cash app support team asking for help before I did a chargeback and they said they couldn’t do it so I had to go talk to my bank.


Does anyone know how to call these idiots or figure something out? It’s exceptionally angry that their support email simply replies with a dismissive “your cash app account is closed and we can’t tell you why” email with no way to reply.


Please someone help. If someone here works for a cash app or knows how to get someone to see this please help me.


Can I open another cash app account if my previous account got closed

How to Reopen a Closed Cash App Account: Quick Solution


Are you unable to use and Re-open a Closed Cash App Account? Want to know how to reactivate your Cash App account? In this help article, we will discuss the simple steps for Reopening a Closed Cash App Account. In addition, we will discuss the easiest way to communicate with Square application experts here.


Similarly, you can create and close other digital accounts and cash application accounts at any time. However, in the cash application, account suspension will be fully controlled. After receiving the order, it will take 4 to 6 working days to close my Cash App account within 4-6 days. The Cash application will carefully check the account detail


Cash App close my account when I sent Bitcoin


I’ve been using the cash app for about 2 years. Nothing I’ve done has gone against their terms of service. Today I sent about 200$ worth of Bitcoin to my wallet to sell it and cash it out. I’ve done it before with larger amounts and have never had a problem with it. Today, however, after I sent my Bitcoin to my cash app Bitcoin address I come to find out that my account was closed just moments after sending the Bitcoin. I had no clue it was closed as I still had access to everything the app offers, it allows me to buy Bitcoin, send money, and receive money from people. All in all, I have no clue what’s going on.


I have reached out to support but knowing they take roughly a day to get back to your request I wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else and if the issue was resolved.


It seems sketchy and my deposit is in limbo right now with no clarification on what I did to go against their terms of service. Again, if any of y’all have some tips let me know.

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