Does the clutch need replacing?

Usually, we can also replace the clutch according to the mileage and the degree of wear and tear

   Usually, we can also replace the clutch according to the mileage and the degree of wear and tear. If the car is driven frequently, it is recommended to replace the clutch plate, truck pressure plate, and release bearing together.

    Some car owners may say that only the clutch plate of the car is broken, why should the other two be replaced? This is because a complete replacement is actually more cost-effective than a single replacement. So when do we need to replace it?

    Under normal circumstances, when the power transmission is sluggish during shifting, it cannot run at high speed.

  1. You can only run 80--90 kilometers when the accelerator is stepped on because the clutch slips;
  2. When starting in the first gear, the car has a sense of aggressiveness in the front and rear;
  3. Replace the clutch plate and pressure plate when these conditions occur.
  4. It can be seen that the higher the clutch is used, the more boring the car is when climbing, and even in severe cases, the car can smell burnt after driving for a period of time.
  5. The simple way we check manually: 1st gear, pull up the handbrake or step on the brake, then start. If the engine doesn't stall, it needs to be replaced.

    How to reduce wear and tear and save replacement costs?

  1. Do not step on the clutch while driving, or put your foot on the clutch pedal for a long time.
  2. Don't use semi-linkage to control the speed of the car, or use semi-linkage to stop the car.

    The above conditions often make the clutch in an engaged, disengaged, or semi-slip state.

    Accelerates the wear of the clutch friction plate and the pressure plate, so that the power of the engine cannot be fully transmitted to the driving wheels, resulting in fuel consumption and cost of the car.

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