Where can the eye sensors of the secret base guards be found in the lost Ark

One of the more complex missions in Lost Ark is soul Survival in X-301, as it requires the player to complete three sub-missions.

The first two parts of the task are easy; However, the final task of getting the eye sensor dropped by a secret base guard can be tricky, as it only generates at certain locations. So we put together a guide on where to get eye sensors for guards at secret bases.

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To begin this quest, you need to interact with Diego's mother on Starlight Island. She'll give you Favreau's second entry, and reading it will trigger the quest. Later, head to facility X-301, where you'll be responsible for repairing B-0031 by collecting the necessary parts, including the steel Diver's arm circuit, the Steel Diver's joint rivets, and the secret Base Guard's eye sensors. While the first two are easy to get, you'll need to make an extra effort to get Guard's Eye Sensor.

Eye sensors dropped by secret base guards can be generated at three locations on starlight Island, all marked above. It's worth noting that the generation of secret base guards fluctuates between all three locations, so you might need to check each site every five minutes or so. Defeat the small boss and you'll get the eye sensor you need. Returning items to B-0031 and repairing it will eventually complete the mission, giving you 155 roster experience, 427 credits, and 2 luxury Harmony Leap Stone chests.