Step by Step Guide for Designing Custom Rugby Uniforms

Here is a quick yet comprehensive guide that has everything you need to know about designing custom rugby jerseys. It requires some effort but trusts the process. The results will be stunning.

Rugby is a tough game with all the hurdling, running, and being prone to getting injured yet there is another task related to the game that is quite challenging as well. It is designing custom rugby jerseys and shorts. The design of the uniform is very critical, impacting the performance of the players. Reports state that the players in attractive, yet comfortable uniforms play very well as compared to others.

Designing a rugby jersey is surely not child’s play. You need to devote proper time to it, even more than you expect. Choosing the right colors, appropriate design, and the perfect combination is not always that easy. You draw your required design and give it to a reputed manufacturer. Besides this, you can give clear instructions to the manufacturer who listens to you and comprehend your requirements. The latter is a bit stress-free task but before giving instructions you must have them in your mind. Remember to always prefer quality over quantity.

There are a number of expert manufacturers that might help you design your rugby team uniforms. Still, if you wish to design them on your own, you are more than welcome. We will here explain to you the whole process to design custom rugby jerseys. We have paired this process with several things you need to keep in mind during the manufacturing too.

Pre-qualify your requirements

Just even before you start to design your rugby jersey, you have to keep several things in mind. Because designing is not all you need to do. You have to look for several elements for final results in the form of an attractive yet comfortable rugby jersey.  Here we have listed some of them.

Define your Deadline: Define your priorities by defining the deadlines. You must have a specific date before which you need the uniform. You might have designed the shirts, and sent the designs to the manufacturer but gotten the uniforms two days late… there would be nothing worse than this. Such a situation might happen due to two reasons. First, you might have taken more than the allotted time in designing. Second, the manufacturer was irresponsible. There are more chances for the incidence of the first situation as good manufacturers do everything to polish their reputation.

To avoid this headache, try to be time-oriented. Tell yourself you have to finish it on time as the manufacturing process also takes time. Try to do things faster than usual and finish on time. Also, talk to your supplier if they could deliver in the desired time frame. Experts advise you to choose the suppliers wisely so that you can stay stress-free.

Finalize your Budget: The quality and quantity of the custom rugby uniforms depend upon the finalized budget. If you have a limited budget, then you might have to compromise either on quality or quantity. But remember always “Prefer Quality Over Quantity.” Your budget must include each and every major to minor cost to avoid any confusion and problems in the future. Look for manufacturers that can work well within your budget without implementing any hidden fees.

Once you have dealt with these issues, now you can solely focus on the design of the rugby jerseys.

Select your garment

The first and foremost step to design a jersey is to select the garment. The selection of garments is an integral element. Because garment is the core thing that decides the comfort of the players. There is a huge variety of garments available. Choose one that suits your needs.

On the basis of your personal preferences, performance goals and sustainability aim you can choose the fabric of your choice. You can choose from a number of fabrics available. The major categories involve stretchable fabric, non-stretch twill, and ultra-soft cotton. Keep your desired flexibility and comfort before jumping to a decision.

Conduct an In-Depth Research

It is well and good if you have a design in your mind. But if you are still struggling with the style game then try conducting in-depth research on modern design trends. Some websites also have an option of designing the jerseys online, you can use this smart option. Else, you can take inspiration from the internet. At least, shortlist eight to ten designs.

Shortlisting the design, you must be very specific. Do stick to “your sport.” For instance, if you wish to design a rugby jersey, then you can simply authenticate your design using chevrons. Chevrons are one of the key features of rugby jerseys. Conducting research will take you a step closer to finalizing the design.

Designs and Logos to Incorporate

It’s time for the fun part of this tricky task which is choosing the graphics. But this fun part can be a stressful one too, as you have to take care of several things at a time.

You would definitely have the insights to choose colors that make your fans and team proud. A color that everyone loves. In addition to it, you may come across a huge range of designs that will make you unconfident about your design. In such cases, you need experts. They can advise you to create something unique and bring your vision to life. As a result, you may end up making an intricate yet award-winning design.

For taking a start you can incorporate the playing number, competition logo, and the club logo. After that, you can fill the vacuum by adding different details such as the club’s motto or sponsors. Do consider the rule (if any applicable) for finalizing the size and positioning of the logos,

Shift your ideas down on paper

Despite explaining, you must try to give a visual form of the design to the manufacturers. Whatever is in your mind, do transfer it to the paper and leave the rest to the manufacturers. Doing so will prevent any chaos and there are 99 percent chances of getting exactly what you required.

No issues if you are not good at drawing or sketching. You can ask anyone from your club to help you. Plus, whatever you are transferring on paper does not require it to be a masterpiece. It should be a simple sketch outlining the idea you have in your creative part of the mind. It is just to liven up your design with no misperceptions. There are more chances of the approval of this design by your committee if it is in a visual format.

Playing with colors

Satisfying all is something next to impossible. This is what makes designing a rugby jersey a tiring process. If team members agree, the next step is dealing with committee members. If the committee approves it, there is no surety that the audience will love it. Therefore, before presenting the design to any of them, you should yourself play with the colors. Colors can add or subtract the charm of the design. Still keep in mind that all the colors must be corresponding with your scope. Finalize the design in at least three different but best color schemes. This will limit the suggestions and they will be busy just figuring one out of three. Select the one over which the majority agree.


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