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PP8802/PP8803 POS printer India is Posiflex’s innovative product with output speeds of 220 MM/Sec. Its spill-proof design makes it easy to use and connect to in any environment.

Today's approaches for handling consumer contacts at the point of sale are vastly different from those used only a few years ago. Many retail stores feature hand-held gadgets that a customer care representative may use to check a client out on the spot. Wait staff can use point of sale (pos) printers to accept a customer's credit card, process payment, and print a receipt at the table. This is now commonplace at many, if not all, restaurants. 


The Posiflex POS printers in India are quick and dependable so that the user does not have to be concerned while printing any form of receipt. Furthermore, they necessitate high-quality printing, which is a requirement when issuing a receipt for a financial transaction. This sort of printer must be able to print barcodes, logos, and images without revealing any type of failure or flaw in the output and being fast, and having good printing quality.


The Posiflex PP8802/PP8803 printer is high-quality printing equipment that can print at up to 220 mm/sec. It boasts a spill-resistant construction that makes it convenient to use in any setting. A USB and serial interface, as well as a LAN interface, are included. This POS printer in India 3-inch Speedy Thermal pos printer with the auto-cutter in India comes with an error indication for power, paper out, and error circumstances, which is highly useful. Such receipt printers are small and lightweight. These portable point-of-sale printers come in various styles, including inkjet, Posiflex thermal printers, and dot-matrix printers. 


Posiflex thermal printers use a heat-producing printhead and thermal paper to produce prints. Thermal printers print at speeds ranging between 4 to 9 inches per second. The ability to print several copies of a receipt in a row is one of the key features of these printers.


PP8802 is a high-capacity thermal Pos machine printer. It boasts a fast print speed, a huge paper capacity, and sturdy construction that makes it suitable for any application requiring a high number of receipts. The printer's features include the ability to print high-resolution barcodes, logos, images, and fonts of various sizes and functionalities such as underlining, bolding, and reverse. The connection port is used for firmware upgrades and font loading.