Fitness Trampoline for Obese People

Fitness trampolines are a way to get in shape and to have fun while doing it. Some trampolines are designated specifically for fitness; these are usually small and circular. Any trampoline can be used to get fit, however.

Fitness trampolines offer a chance to stay in shape and have fun while playing. Certain trampolines are designed specifically to be used for fitness. They are typically smaller and circular. All trampolines can be used to improve your fitness, but. Take into consideration how much room you can afford and whether other members of your family will use the trampoline prior to deciding which kind of one to buy. Discuss your exercise plans with your doctor before beginning.

Exercise and Obesity

Exercise is an important element in the success of losing weight. If you're overweight and that your BMI is more than 30, then try to take an average of 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity workout. For the best outcomes, between 250 and 300 minutes of exercise every week could be required. The use of a fitness trampoline can be an option to incorporate exercise to your daily routine.

Buying a Fitness Trampoline

Fitness trampolines are available through online stores or in certain shops. Be sure to check the weight limit for trampolines prior to purchasing and select a trampoline which can hold more than the weight you are carrying, to ensure you're in the best position. The smaller 36-40" trampolines usually have an upper limit of 200 to 300 pounds. A few more spacious 14-16' trampolines may support up to 350 lbs. Trampolines with greater weight limits could be difficult to locate even if they are there in any form. Trampolines that are small and circular may be set up indoors, if you wish and larger models have to be placed outside. Additionally, think about the accessories you can purchase with the trampoline. You might want to think about purchasing a safety net that can be placed around the trampoline in case it's larger and is higher off the ground, to avoid bounces off in the event that children will also use the trampoline, or if there is an un-porous surface underneath. Should you be a parent with children and pets might be able to get an extra safety barrier for the base of the trampoline in order to stop anyone from falling beneath the trampoline while playing on it.

Starting to Work Out on Your Fitness Trampoline

If you are beginning any exercise routine, start slowly and gradually increase your desired goals in order to avoid injury. You can exercise with a gym trampoline by jumping over it or you could follow more of a structured program, for instance, a fitness trampoline exercise video. Some gyms offer classes to help you understand the fundamentals of exercising on trampolines.

Consult Your Doctor

It is always recommended to seek approval from your physician before beginning working out, but this is particularly important for people who are overweight or obese to the point that those who are obese or morbidly obese are at greater high risk for developing serious medical issues like diabetes or high blood pressure. Your physician can also give specific suggestions on the frequency and duration you should exercise.


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