Which Child Custody Arrangement Is Preferred By Most Parents?

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When you are battling with your partner for custody of your kid or children, you
must be informed of the several outcomes that the judge may decide on. The
state of California is governed by Child Custody Lawyer. Sole custody and
shared custody are the two major requirements for child custody. As the name
implies, sole custody entails that just one parent is responsible for the child's

This implies that one parent may handle all aspects of health care, education,
and housing. As a result, putting the other parent at a disadvantage, it is
arguably the most dreaded law that the ability to visit your kid is contingent on
the court's decision.

If a single physical custody judgment is made against you, your chances of
obtaining child custody rights are almost non-existent. As a non-custodial
parent, You may only count on a reasonable number of visitation rights, which
allow you to see your child a specific number of times each year.

When you're worried about losing all of your parental rights in a nasty custody
dispute, the ruling you should aim for is shared physical possession of the
child. This gives you half the duty for the kid, which is subsequently split
equally between you and your spouse.

Naturally, if both parties are capable of caring for the kid and the argument is
primarily about a divorce or relationship breakup, shared physical custody is
the best decision for the child. Kid custody rights should be determined by
what is best for the child, not what is best for the parents.

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