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Not only water or a fall can be the great dangers for our watch. Sometimes we surround ourselves with materials and situations that unknowingly endanger our jewel. Today we talk about the 5 unknown threats for watches.

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1. Magnetism

Did you know that magnetism can completely stop your watch? A device with a magnet, simple headphones or even a mobile phone, with contact, can magnetize a watch and interfere with its accuracy. This occurs, since there are a variety of sources that produce an inaccuracy in the clock mechanism causing serious problems. What should I do if my watch becomes magnetized? Our advice is to go to a watchmaker to have it demagnetized. eye! Just because your watch becomes magnetized and stops working doesn't mean it's completely broken. It has a solution :).

2. Little use

Not by using it less, it will last longer. If you have a jewel watch that is too special to wear on a daily basis, we recommend that you store it in a movement display case or simply take it out for a walk from time to time.

Normally, the mechanism of watches, especially vintage ones, work with oil. If you don't use it, the oil dries up and damages the mechanism.

3. Polished the watch

At the office, at a party, at a meeting with friends... There are thousands of ways for your watch to get scratched. If this is your case, the story of the grandmother would tell you that, if the Custom Handmade Watches is gold, take it to be polished. We say that… NO!

Polishing a watch lowers its initial value. Therefore, many experts advise filling in the scratches, so you will keep the factory layer, you will hide the scratches and your watch will continue to have the same value as when you bought it.

4. Gravity

When we talk about gravity, many associate it with the distance of a fall, but we go further. Shaking or wearing a watch that is not appropriate for sports can alter the mechanism and even the glass of the watch.

Advice? Every watch has its moment. If you are going to play sports, use a watch made for that. Also, the way to place it is important, every time you put on the watch, do it by taking it from the table to your wrist.

5. Humidity

Humidity can sometimes be more dangerous than rain. Not only because it can damage the material of the watch, such as the strap, but also because moisture can penetrate to the case and dampen the mechanism. We recommend that, if you are going on a trip to a place with high humidity, you use a sports watch that is resistant to a high percentage of humidity.

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