The Best Reasons to Own a Home in Oahu

Oahu home loan VA program services for Hawaii veterans and their families. Eli also assists military veterans refinance their home on Oahu.

Many people relocate to Oahu for their jobs, generally in the U.S. Military or contractors serving military needs. Some who enjoy the island life choose to stay when their service ends, and many look for Hawaii VA loans to help buy a house or condominium. If you've been thinking about buying but were slowed down by the real estate boom and higher prices, experts advise they're stopped rising so quickly, and we're in a moment where interest rates may go up. Therefore, the next few months are an excellent time to be approved for a VA loan and begin shopping. You'll love owning your own home in Oahu.


Home shopping has become much quicker and easier thanks to the internet. Everything listed for sale goes online, and you can see images quickly and often take a 3D virtual tour. They're one of the newest additions to online real estate marketing and a boon for home shoppers. You can virtually walk a property and see 360-degree views from your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer. It's much easier to get an idea of a property's look and feel than you can with two-dimensional images, and you can go back to check details as often as you wish. Combined with a floor plan, you can find out details easily.


If your budget allows and there are new construction houses or condos in the areas you'd like to live in, they offer advantages. The big one is the ability to customize your unit to your specifications. It includes decorating choices but also layout and the configuration of some rooms. Most have the options for add-ons such as a bonus room above the garage, extended kitchen, or outdoor upgrades such as decks and patios. As you make your choices, think about what you want and consider the options that may improve the resale value – kitchen and bathroom upgrades nearly always add value.


When you work with a loan advisor or mortgage broker for your VA loan approval, you'll have the maximum amount based on your income. You don't necessarily need to spend to your limit, but it also saves you the time of making an offer and then falling short of the approved financing amount. As you're considering transitioning from being a renter to a homeowner, think about the tax advantages of homeownership. Not only are you receiving a favorable rate with a VA loan, but your mortgage payments generate tax deductions that paying rent does not. It's a wise investment for you.


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