What is the best way To Find Special Missions in Lost Ark

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Special missions within Lost Ark Lost Ark Gold are immensely valuable to endgame players who either don't want to or can't do their daily dungeon raids throughout the day. Of course, finishing the missions will require a bit of energy expenditure however, it's an expense worth the cost in light of the time they can be saved for other pursuits. What is the procedure to get special missions unlocked? What are the additional requirements for unlocking it?

Because Lost Ark being a fantasy MMO that focuses on ensuring gamer engaged, completing daily tasks and resource collection repeatedly over a period of time can be chores. Thus, it is beneficial for the player to be familiar with this feature called dispatch missions. It is unlocked once the player obtains a stronghold in Lost Ark, dispatch missions need only an extra ship and a competent crew to set out to gather resources for the player's account.

However, the default stronghold isn't equipped Lost ark gold buy with special missions. These specific missions be made available through the leveling of the stronghold and the player's character, and finishing a few quests toward the end of the main game. However, in order to keep things simple players must be at the end of the game, which is achieved by reaching level 50, upgrading the stronghold, and then triggering the quest.