iOS Crash Reports with Instabug in 2022

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The crash is challenging to solve, and basic information such as stack trace and the professional view is not always sufficient to find the cause of the crash. Tableau Crash Reports provides much information to identify and resolve problems quickly. This article belongs to the entire data baffle, including crash reports and how they can help. Get in touch with the best mobile app development company in USA


Instabug’s Crash Report 

The crash report page is welcome when you open a crash from the dashboard crash list. Here you will find all the details of this crash for this accident. Contact the provider of the ios app development company in USA


Title banner 

This includes the name of the exception followed by the app frame that caused the crash and acts as the crash name. The banner also has a View Incidents button to view each crash incident (more on this later). 



You can use Instabug's extensive filters to view data for a subset of crashes. Crash data can be filtered by app version, date, device, operating system, user attributes, app status, email, current view, and experiment. 


Crash overview 

This section gives a brief overview of the crash details for all occurrences. The information contained is as follows: 

  • Occurrence: This shows the number of times this crash has occurred in all app versions.  
  • Affected Users: This shows the number of unique users who have experienced this crash. 
  • Occurrence Chart: This chart shows the number of occurrences of this crash over time for each version of the app or all versions of the entire app. 


Crash Details 

In this section, you can view M-Tails about the device and the environment where the crash is occurring. Here you can view the distribution of crash events across app version, device, iOS version, app status, recent views, experiments, and user attributes. This allows you to quickly identify the environmental factors that can cause a crash and get an accurate picture of who is affected. 


Stack trace 

The following section contains a stack trace of the crash, with the app frame highlighted in blue. Instabug shows the first stack trace reported by each app version for this crash. Here you can see the failed line of code and the app view where the collision occurred. However, remember to symbolise the clash to make it readable. 


Action sidebar 

Finally, in the action sidebar, you can change the status and priority of the crash, assign it to a team member, or transfer it to one of the integrations. You can also reply to the user who experienced this crash to let them know you are involved. In addition, you can view crash comments and activity history, generate public URLs to share, and view or add tags to help you sort your crashes. 


Event Report Content 

The information on the crash report page provides an overview and helps you understand the impact and impact of a crash on your users. You can use this information to understand which crashes have the most significant impact and prioritise them. However, to determine the exact cause of a tricky crash, you need to dig deeper and investigate each occurrence. 


Click the View Events button on the title banner to go to the Events page. On this page, you can find more information about individual crash instances. The event page consists of the following elements: 



Here you can use Instabug's filters to see a subset of what happened in the crash. Again, you can filter by app version, date, device, operating system, user attributes, app status, email, current view, and experiment. 


Details of occurrence 

In the Event Details section, you can see the device and environment details for all currently displayed crash instances. The components included are as follows. 

  • UTC crash event date and time  
  • App version 
  • Terminal 
  • OS version 
  • Professional view 
  • Device location 
  • Session period 
  • Handrail 
  • Screen resolution 
  • Screen density 


User Attribute 

The user attribute section displays all custom attributes created for the user and helps determine which user segments are affected. 


Here you can view all user-defined additional attachments if they are automatically recorded in the report. 


Return step 

The following sections are the REPRO step that brings the visual recording of all users before crashes occur. This will help you find the exact steps to reproduce this problem and create a fix.


Session Profiler 

In crashes only under certain conditions such as high CPU load and saving consumption. Profiler Saddle Profiler gives you a snapshot of a 60-second device environment. If you want to align the cursor about the graphics point, you will discuss details about the conditions at this point as follows. 

  • CPU: This graphic indicates the CPU utilisation of the application. When floating on the graph, the full CPU representative of the app is displayed in a percentage. 
  • Memory: This graphic indicates the amount of memory that memory uses in the application. Hover over the chart to see the memory used by the app's process, the total memory available to that process, and the exact utilisation. 
  • Storage: This graph shows the amount of storage space available on the device. Hover over the graph to see the exact amount of memory used, the total amount available, and the utilisation. 
  • Connectivity: This chart details the connectivity of the device. Hover over the graph to see connection details such as Wi-Fi name, cellular connection type (GPRS, Edge, 3G, LTE, or CDMA), operator name, or "no connection" if there is no network connection. increase. 
  • Battery: This graphic displays the remaining battery of the device. If you float on the graph, it indicates whether the exact percentage and apparatus of the available battery power are connected. 
  • Direction: This graph shows the orientation status of the application. d. H. Whether the application is portrait or landscape mode. Floating on the chart shows the state at this time. 


The last thing is, but the last is that the section is a protocol that can watch all rich protocols. You can use filters to view specific protocols or filters according to particular events of these protocols. It is built with the following protocol: 


  • Console Protocol: The standard protocol is printed on the console at run time. 
  • Motor-Based Protocol: Custom Protocol with different versions specified. 
  • User Procedure: Each step is performed by the user in the form of a log entry. Network 



Crashes are an unavoidable pain for app developers who spend a lot of time and effort on their hands. Instabug provides a quick and easy process by providing all the information you need for every crash report,  detecting the crash and identifying its cause. Reach out to us for the android application development company in USA.

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