5 Reasons Why Organic Traffic Is More Valuable

Why Organic Traffic Is More Valuable Than Paid Traffic. 1. Low Cost 2. More Accessible 3. Build Brand Awareness 4. Long-Term Benefits

Google receives millions of search queries per second. So why wouldn't you want to use it to grow your online business? The results of all those searches mean that you have a reasonable possibility of getting organic search engine traffic to your website. But why organic traffic is more valuable? We will discuss it in this post. 

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We understand that pay-per-click advertising has its merits; however, we consider organic traffic more valuable for a website than traffic created by pay-per-click advertisements. Here's why:


Low Cost

One of the significant reasons why organic traffic is more valuable is that it does not cost any money. You need to adhere to white hat SEO practices, employ the appropriate keywords and invest time in your website. 

Of course, outsourcing SEO to an SEO company is an excellent decision if you are not familiar with the complexity of SEO. In addition, it will cost you less than investing money in PPC ads.


Build Brand Awareness

The answer to why organic traffic is more valuable is right here. If you're looking to grow or expand your business, then building brand awareness among people is vital. Although not everyone who is aware that your business exists will be an actual customer, having your brand name on the map will help you to increase brand awareness among relevant audiences. 

There may be a reason that someone isn't interested in buying currently, but that doesn't mean they can't purchase something in the future. 



Long-Term Benefits

Concentrating on traffic from organic sources will be beneficial to your business for a long time. For example, when you have optimized and published your blog, the post will be highly ranked and generate visitors; however, it depends on how much you successfully retain your top position in search results.

As you continue writing blog posts or updating your website's content, you can use more relevant keywords. While search rankings fluctuate, it means you need to update the content of your website related to a particular keyword. Keeping the website's content updated with the latest information helps retain its ranking on search results. 

Scroll down to know more aspects about why organic traffic is more valuable. 



If you are using white hat SEO techniques, SEO could effectively stop your competitors from having more online presence than you. The more time you put into boosting organic search results, the more prominent your website will rank in search results and push your competitors down the list.


Actual Human Traffic

Sometimes, in paid traffic, you receive clicks from other sources, such as automated machines. For example, in PPC, some use software to boost their clicks to make more money.

It is not human-generated traffic and will be unable to convert when the time comes. Thus, by using organic SEO on your site, you can be guaranteed to get real visitors rather than robots or automated visitors.



You must understand why organic traffic is more valuable if you want to promote your business online. Don’t forget that organic SEO is an excellent way to drive qualified leads to your site. CDRM is the best SEO Company in Vancouver; it has a reputation for growing SEO traffic to business websites of different industries. 

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