How to stand out as a BPO oriented organization

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It’s vital for BPOs to scale up and use the best solutions to enhance their customer support services. But it can be challenging to get the best BPO software price which is affordable as well as have all the top features required. 


SlashRTC promises to offer you impeccable services, enhanced features as well as the best bpo software price in this competitive market. You can have your contact center up and running in less than 48 hours! With our highly adjustable BPO contact center solution, you can get your agents on track in days and see a measurable impact.


Supercharge your BPO call center with incoming and outbound capabilities including, IVR system, sophisticated routing algorithm, automated dialers, click-to-call solutions, CRM integration, real-time monitoring, detailed reporting dashboards.


SlashRTC's BPO solutions under one roof :-


 IVR solutions - Boost your inbound and outbound capabilities with IVR solutions which can make customer experiences smooth with it’s powerful and smart routing algorithm.


● Go omnichannel - Enable your business to be available on multiple channels. Go omnichannel with SlashRTC’s communication APIs, chatbots and voicebots.


● Performance management and optimization - With the help of SlashRTC’s curated reports you can easily manage the SLAs and agents’ performances. 


● Security even in WFH’ - SlashRTC ensures the safety and security with an end to end encryption for your data over the cloud. Gain customer trust with SlashRTC’s security solutions


● CRM integration - Smoothly integrate our software with the most popular CRM systems. Agents benefit from the flexibility of single sign-in with these Integrations, delivering a highly streamlined agent experience.


To keep up with the never ending competition, BPOs must adapt to the new technologies and channels to increase their reach. One such important feature is text to speech bot. In the next few years, almost 75% of businesses aim to invest in automation technology like AI and process automation. Artificial intelligence, chatbots, voicebots, and automated self-service technologies remove call center personnel from regular tier-1 support requests and repetitive chores, allowing them to focus on more complicated issues.


Bots are a scalable approach to communicate with clients and speed up the customer service process for your company. They can easily outperform a big collection of experienced agents when implemented correctly and effectively. Enabling text to speech bot can make sure your organizations are ready to excel and provide the best customer experience in the industry.


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