drift hunters - Endless race for super cars.

Join drift hunters to enjoy the speed and variety of super modern racing cars.

Introduction to the game Drift Hunters.

The development history of the game Drift Hunters.

drift hunters game is a 3d online drift car game created by Ilya Kaminetsky and published by Studionum43. It was launched on April 23, 2021.

Since its release, it has received the most positive reviews from players. There are millions of people who have participated in this race, they have really loved and shared it widely to friends around the world.

The outstanding features of Drift Hunters game.

 Drift Hunters is an amazing 3D car driving game where you can unleash your speed and create the weirdest and most dangerous races. Experience a variety of modern engine systems that you can't find anywhere else.

This is a brand new 3D world with realistic physics and speed. Drift to any place on the map regardless of the most difficult places, The Road is the biggest challenge you have to overcome. Create a lot of stunt driving to collect score.

This drift game is completely easy for you to upgrade and improve the engine. Even change to completely new cars with more modern features. All major car brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Porsche, or Nissan are available for you to upgrade. Buy all these cars and leave them in your station or drive it proudly on the road, using the most powerful modern racing cars that will help you quickly earn more bonuses. There are no limits or standards, tuning both engine and visual performance is completely free for your content.

Adjusting Drift Hunters


Drift Hunters offers a wide range of customization options ranging from aftermarket parts and bodykits to wheels and paint colors. The most special feature is that the game will give you up to 25 different amazing drift cars to choose from. Which car will your favorite target be?

 List of favorite cars

Nissan Silvia Spec R ( S15 )

Honda S2000 (AP1)

Mazda RX-7 Type R (FD3S)

BMW M3 (E46)

Toyota GT86

Toyota Supra (JZA80)

BMW 1M Coupe (E82)

Infiniti G35 Coupe

Mercedes Benz

AMG CLA Saloon (C45)

Ford Fiesta ST (Mark VI)

Nissan 370z Coupe

Nissan Skyline GTR (R34)

Lexus IS350

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Ford Mustang Fastback (S550)

BMW 335i (F30)

Nissan GTR (R35)

Porsche 911 GT (993)

 Basic upgrade

To start, you should go to “PARTS” from the main menu then upgrade “ENGINE” and “TURBO” to “RACING” with 25000 credits in the game. you should upgrade the turbocharger as this will allow you to adjust all the options in the tuning menu.

If your money is not enough, Go to the racetrack to compete for prize money. Don't panic if you can't do it right away, as you can always upgrade these later. Focus on improving your drifting technique, it will help you gain more loot later on.

Tune your car

  1. turbocharger

selecting “TURBO” in your tuning menu will allow you to customize the turbo pressure (assuming you have upgraded the turbo.) If you are a beginner, keeping the turbo low will make the car predictable. than. If you are an experienced player then do not hesitate, set the turbo to maximum by selecting all power in the list.

  1. Front camber

  This will provide maximum ground contact helping the vehicle to maintain its center of gravity so that it does not tip over when turning. The -5 to -6 negative camber in Drift Hunters is a recommended choice for the best combination of style and function.

  1. Rear camber

Too much positive camber in the rear will hinder your speed, so our recommended amount is around -1 to -2 degrees for optimal grip.

  1. Pre-compensation

Keeping the top of your tires flat with the fenders is the goal for optimal fit.

  1. Post-complement

Going too far with the rear setback will once again make the car look ridiculous even when the wide road offers superior traction. Our best recommendation is to go as wide as possible so the tire is level with the fender, and don't be afraid to go a little further if that suits your preference.

  1. Brake balance

Adjusting this will allow you to control the front/rear ratio of brake pressure. This adjustment depends entirely on personal preference. You can change it if you want the car to handle braking according to your own personality or keep it the same.

  1. More Upgrades

After perfecting your tuning setup, it's time to start tracking and making the most impressive combinations imaginable.


Instructions to play in this drift.

You will start the race with a Toyota Corolla AE86. Use it to create dangerous car stunts and get high scores. You can then completely use the score to exchange for what you want. Those things can be decorative accessories to make your car look more powerful. Or you can use even higher scores to upgrade to a brand new car. Setting the goal of the most expensive and modern car is the reward that you have to win to try harder.


How to play Drift Hunters

Great graphics, responsive gameplay and collectible cars make this a seriously addictive game.

Starting the game, you will be given a Toyota AE86 immediately. In addition, the system will reward new players with a credit card of 25,000. Use this money to buy your favorite equipment, creating a race car that is your own style. Or simply unlock another car or you can spend cash to upgrade your AE86. The upgrade will create a good surfing speed and many times more powerful than the original version. This will help you not only gain bragging rights and be sought after by your friends, but it will also help unlock the drift cars of your dreams and adjust the upgrades much faster.


To control the drift car while fighting on the track, you will use the cursor keys on the keyboard. Get ready to hit the track to perform stunts. You can climb or slide down vertical slopes, circling on arcs in the air, even performing long jumps towards the car. Experience all the most extreme challenges challenging your steering wheel. You won't be able to find unexpected routes or euphoric emotions in this game anywhere else.


Once you are ready to customize the engine that you think is the most powerful, you can go to the “VISUALS” menu to change the paint color of the body or rims to make your car look the most attractive and outstanding. .

If you are a beginner, we recommend going to Nishiuri or Emashi. This is the address with fewer obstacles to hit at these clean and simple tracks! When you become an expert, move to other routes with more obstacles to quickly earn the most bonuses.

Tips for drifting.

Initiation (Start drift): is where you can use Electronic Brakes or Power Over to go from straight to side steering. With the electronic brake, simply pressing the “Space” button on the keypad will allow you to lock the rear wheel for easy weight shifting while spinning at the same time. However, this method will slow down your car, so be more careful in each case when using it. With the Power Over method, Overpowering is when you steer the vehicle in the direction of the corner you're entering while pressing a large amount of gas (Up Arrow). When the rear of the vehicle starts to show, quickly steer to the opposite direction while pressing the accelerator. For everything to run smoothly and perfectly, practice is the only way to improve your skills.


Maintain drift (Sideway): Once you've learned how to start and can roll over, it's time to learn how to maintain drift for as long as possible. The easiest way to do this is to speed it up or slow it down and start with your chosen method. However, too much acceleration can cause you to come to a barrier so don't forget that you can always press the brake pedal and steer the wheel in reverse to make simultaneous adjustments if needed.


Forward (Turn): "captures" the weight of the vehicle as it transitions, and steering against the correct throttle will allow you to do so. This will usually take time to learn but be patient, and you will soon reap the rewards.


Exit Drift: all you need to do is shift the weight to bring the rear of the car to the desired position, with full throttle and electronic brake, several 'touches' if necessary until the vehicle is turning around to steer. car at the correct angle again.


Drifting is like an art sport, and once you get the hang of it, you'll see why players love it so much at drift hunters.

For beginners, it will be difficult and frustrating. But practice more patiently, your patience and persistence will soon pay off when you start earning enough money to spend on your favorite drift cars and upgrades.

It's important to remember that drifting is for fun.

We assure you that after you put the time and effort into learning how to drift, you will enjoy Drift Hunters more than ever and soon you will be able to build your dream car collection.