You can kill kril/dks in case you have boss duties as them or need Gp

You can kill kril/dks in case you have boss duties as them or need Gp

You can kill kril/dks in case you have boss duties as them or need Gp. Always try to have kree/kril or dks boss task to receive bonus xp and OSRS Gold reaper points. Prepare quick gear settings for magic/range/slayer ready, with melee/magic as 2 and 1 since you'll be using them the most. Utilize the ultimate abilities, they are worth it , but keep an eye on the power of berserk using HP. If bonecrusher is not available, or if Gp is an issue. spring clean all items mithril+. Feel free to ask any questions to me in game.

I'm not the best at combat , but these are what I've come to believe are good (probably not the most effective, but they're good enough.) Melee dual wield = turn around the basics such as Sever, Decimate, Slice, Punish (in the same order) and then use the thresholds of Assault, Destroy, Slaughter (+ kick ability or move below the opponent if they are bigger than 1x1) with any sequence you want.

Dual Ranged Weapon: Cycle through the fundamentals of Fragmentation shot, Needle Strike, Piercing shot, Ricochet, then you can use thresholds like Snapshot, Rapid Fire Tight Bindings in whatever order. Bombardment can be used if you have monsters in close proximity to each other and have spare adrenaline.

2h Ranged: same as above but switch Needle Strike and Dazing shots. 2h Magic: cycle through basics Dragon breath, chain (ONLY in case you're targeting multiple monsters it's not very effective as basic against a single goal) Combust, Sonic Wave, Impact, Wrack, and then alternate with the different thresholds Wild Magic and Asphyxiate.

Dual wield magic: identical to Cheap RS3 Gold above, but swap Sonic Wave for Concentrated blast. I seldom, if ever, play 2h Melee, so I don't know much there. Some helpful suggestions If you make use of snapshots right before fragmentation it will do damage every second. staggering. If you utilize Bombardment right before tight Bindings you get a really impressive damage stack.


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