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Title: 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Spanish Subtitling Services Company 

Description: Read this article to learn about the crucial questions you must ask before choosing a Spanish subtitling services company.

5 Important Questions When Interviewing A Spanish Subtitling Services Company 

Gaining a competitive edge in today’s neck-throat competitive digital world isn’t a piece of cake. Utilizing the expertise of a Spanish audiovisual subtitling services company is a great start. So, how do you know you have come across the right Spanish subtitling captioning services? How do you get more views or downloads depends on how much your audience is satisfied? Ask these five questions before hiring a Spanish subtitling services company. 

Q.1 Who Does the Subtitling?

Do your subtitling experts have language specialization — both the source and target languages?

This step guarantees that the company you hire for subtitling not only provides the translated document but is also localized in line with your audience.

The confidence and authority in response for your question will help you determine whether they are the right fit for your assignment or not.

Q.2 How is Your Subtitling Process Handled?

Ideally, your Spanish video subtitling services company should appoint a project manager to communicate with you, understand all your prerequisites, and take details related to the project. The project manager will ensure that the subtitling is done in an error-free manner. Inquire whether they have a professional proofreader in their team for a final review and make necessary edits to maintain the level of quality you deserve. 

Q.3 Do You Have Any References?

Ensure that you ask for references when finalizing for a Spanish to English subtitling services partner. Also, browse their website to see if they included any testimonials or case studios.

A reliable subtitling agency with a robust market reputation will not hesitate to put forth several references.

With references, you can learn how much experience the company has, their specialized services, and their client relationship level. Can you go through the testimonials, take note of established clients.

Q.4 What Differentiates You As Spanish Subtitling Captioning Services Company?

Each subtitling company is unique and has its USP. So, it is imperative to ask what makes them better than their competitors.

Do they offer fast subtitling services? Are multiple iterations included? What are the prices for subtitling?

Do they use up-to-date technology tools? Without you asking these questions, they will answer for themselves.

Q.5 What Are Your Business Values?

Knowing the values of your prospective subtitling service provider will give you a better idea of how they will do business with you.

Find a company that is passionate about building a long-term association with its clients.


Other questions that you need to ask.....

  • What are the timelines?
  • Are you ready to sign an NDA?
  • How do you accept payments what are the payment terms?
  • How to share the files with you?
Are you looking for a reliable subtitling company?

If you get convincing answers to most of these questions, be assured you have trusted the right people for your subtitling job. One of the most trusted Spanish film translation services that you can find is Vanan Captioning. They are known for providing cheap and best subtitling services that are highly accurate. 


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