They are so different from the other monsters

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My question is .... how come we could own revs of 75 lvl and 60s revs with only one portion of food per day while we couldnt take out a lvl 63 with 4 tons of OSRS gold food? It was a joke that the rev didnt stop healing... i even used attack and str pray to try and destroy him, but to no avail... finally we just gave up and ran away but are revs suppose to be that strong?

They are so different from the other monsters I have fought... They freeze you and farcast... PLZ GIVE TIPS HOW TO KILL THESE things if POSSIBLE... and rev hunting can be an adventure ...., but I didn't think they would be this great. Are you able to conquer at a level 20 or less than you?

Ok, most of my possessions were taken so I sold everything and I am left with 2.6mil. I'm looking to purchase new arms and a whip and I am asking your opinion on buy RS gold what I should buy. I'm not looking for barrows as I don't want to have it replaced every couple of hours.


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