Quests, There are many tasks you can complete

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You've got decent F2P stats and OSRS gold you're ready to go P2P. Your mining skills are pretty good, so for making money you should concentrate on mining (Get it closer to 99, and make it your most important Non-Cbt Skill ). Before you start p2p, try to obtain 70 att 70 str, 70 att and 70 defence.

Barrows armour, the most popular is able to be worn this way. There are still people who wear rane on P2P, however it's not illegal to do so. Get 70-70-70-70 and get Torags With Whip. This is a nice outfit for your first membership.

Quests, There are many tasks you can complete. There are many abilities that can help you in various areas. These are the ones I recommend. Find out the requirements and stats you need. Desert Treasure – Ancients Pwns and Acess to buy RuneScape Mobile gold smoke properly is a good idea (if you happen to get 65+ slayer ).


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