What is the procedure for regaining access to my Coinbase account?

Coinbase is a verified, safe, and easiest way for anyone who wishes to invest in cryptocurrency. While Coinbase is a bit expensive for regular users, its features, like learning program and the ability to set up recurring purchases, allow the new investors to save a lot while investing in

You can, of course, get back into your Coinbase account if you've been locked out. We've included a couple options for logging into your account below. They work in a similar way to how you created your Coinbase login account. As a result, you should have no trouble following these instructions because you are already familiar with the procedure.

Step 1: Double-check that you have the email address and password you used to sign up for Coinbase:

• (In case you forgot your email ID for Coinbase Sign up, you can reset your email ID through mobile verification)
• (In case you forgot your password for Coinbase sign up, you can reset the password via verification code sent to your phone number)

Step 2: Go to the Coinbase login page and then type your email ID and password.

  • At this stage, you need to complete the 2-way verification process
  • In case there is an issue, please go to the troubleshooting page to resolve it

Step 3: Make sure you complete the identification verification to prove you're attempting to reclaim your Coinbase account.

How long do I have to wait for Coinbase login?

The processing period for account recovery is usually between 24-48 hours, however it might take up to a few days. You can access your account after 24 hours by going to the Coinbase login page and entering your email ID and password. Then you should be able to sell and buy digital money using your account. Your account's trading capabilities should have been fully restored within 48 hours. Sending crypto will be disabled until the complete security time has passed for your account's safety.

 If you log in to your account prior to the completion of the security process, you will receive a notification that sends are temporarily disabled.

In case you are having trouble verifying your ID or taking your selfie, follow the steps below:

Tips for uploading and verifying your ID

  1. Make sure you have an updated Google Chrome browser installed on your device
  2. You can easily upload the image of your ID – you don’t need to use a webcam to take photo
  3. Taking photo of ID via mobile camera would be a lot easier
  4. Choose a well-lit area to take the picture of your ID (Sunlight works best)
  5. Avoid reflective lights to eliminate the glaring effects
  6. In case you are taking a picture via webcam, place the ID straight on a flat surface and try adjusting the webcam directly on top of the ID for a clear view
  7. Make sure the background is plain and simple

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