What Are Amazon Social Media Promo Codes?

What Are Amazon Social Media Promo Codes?

Social media promo codes allow you to offer customers a percentage off discount for the product (or products) of your choosing. They can be shared to your social media pages or within influencer marketing campaigns–although keep in mind that they only last for 30 days. This means if your promotion extends beyond 30 days, you should consider a different promo code option (which we’ll discuss below). To get more news about coupon feature,Click to Buy

When you create a social media promo code, Amazon also creates a unique landing page URL that features the products in your promotion. When a customer visits this URL, their discount will be applied to their shopping cart automatically. Sellers and influencers can share this URL to their social media posts, profiles, blogs and website in order to share the discount with their audiences.
Amazon’s Percentage Off discount codes are discount codes that allow customers to redeem a percentage off of their purchase. Contrary to Amazon coupons, which can be clipped, promo codes need to be copy/pasted into a code box at checkout.

Similar to social media promo codes, they are a popular way to advertise your Amazon listings on other social media channels or in your influencer marketing campaigns–incentivizing new customers to give your product a try for a special, promotional discount.
To create a group promo claim code to use in your influencer marketing campaign or other promotions, log into your Seller Central account, navigate to Advertising, Promotions and then click the Percent Off option. Here’s a step-by-step video tutorial that will walk you through how to set one up and create your group claim code.

If your promotion will run 30 days (or fewer), you can use Amazon’s social media promo codes option or set the end date of your Percentage Off discount codes 30 days out from your start date.

If your promotion will run longer than 30 days, and you want to create a shareable discount code, you should use Amazon’s Percentage Off discount code.

Keep in mind that if you are using a Percentage Off discount code in your influencer marketing campaign, you will want to set it up as a group claim code rather than a single-use claim code. This will allow the code to be shared with multiple influencers and used by multiple people.

Be careful not to confuse Amazon’s social media promo codes with Amazon’s Percentage Off discount codes. Their names are similar, so this can get confusing, but choosing the wrong one could mean your code expires before your campaign ends! Remember: social media promo codes only last 30 days, whereas Amazon’s Percentage Off discount codes can be set to any duration you specify.