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Today, among these unique leagues made by Grinding Gear Games, The Metamorph League is one of the more unique leagues. Not only will new professions be created in the game, but also a large number of new bosses and monsters to be killed, and eventually get POE Currency and POE Orbs from it. Players only fight boss monsters from the beginning to the end of the game, following the league prioritizes "bossing". The Metamorph League focuses on the endgame leader and archery archetype. But this does not mean that you can only become a ranger in the league, there are still other professions to choose from. In this league game guide, we will discuss how you should think about generating multiple genres and the Metamorph League need to be equipped with the corresponding additional features.

So what is the concept of the Metamorph League? The Metamorph League released Conquerors of the Atlas as a challenge league on December 13, 2019. For the hardcore leagues, a new character (Tane Octavius) was specially created. In order to facilitate his creation of a Metamorph, he requires you to collect parts that can be obtained under certain monsters. Metamorph is more unusual than the ordinary leader you saw in Path Of Exile. In simple terms, it is a metamorphic boss that continuously changes its form and uses the actions of the enemy you killed to obtain its parts. It depends on the parts you have used from boss or monster, so there are no metamorphs exactly the same. Metamorphs can drop popular goods for players, such as POE Currency and Catalysts, because they are POE Items that can increase the quality of jewelry.

The Best Metamorph League has been established. In order to reduce the difficulty of this league and facilitate the players to play, the following are some of the construction methods we think you can try.

The first is Skeleton Necromancer Summoner. Although the small nerfs was obtained in patch note 3.8, there are still summoners / necromancers in the top ranks of Path of Exile. Thanks to the near-perfect leader ability, solid defense mechanism, and long-lasting servants, the construction of the Skull Necromancer Summoner does not require much material to be highly practical. Skeletons have higher DPS than zombies, which makes them a better choice for minions. It costs very little to build, not only has outstanding leadership skills, it is also quite good in the starter build! There is nothing better than this.

The second is Holy Flame Totem Hierophant. If you don't have that much gold in your wallet and are looking for a starting build where you can straighten the endgame, the Holy Flame Totem Hierophant will be the best choice for you. In general, one of the most commonly used starting versions of Path of Exile includes the playstyle of the Totem. Not only does this release clean up and boot well, it is always invincible. Holy Flame Totems offers one of the highest single target DPS compared to other other spells, so don't be afraid to bring out fire to earn this POE Currency!

With the help of these builds, even if you can't easily defeat Metamorphs, your collection of Catalyst will become easier and more convenient. Which version of the Metamorph League is your favorite? Leave a comment below the article and we want to know what you really think!


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