The Best Canon Sublimation Printer In 2022

If you are looking for the Best Canon sublimation printer in 2022, we have the best choice for you. Have a look at the review and choose the one for you.

Choose a sublimation printer if you need a quality printer with good color print quality. Canon sublimation printers are highly in demand due to their color quality and results. I know some of you may only know Canon for its Camera brand. But it has specialization in other products too, such as printers. Sublimation printers are more brilliant than any other type of printer Canon has. In this article, we will be focusing on the best Canon sublimation printer in 2022.

We will go to each printer one by one. Have a look at the printer’s specifications and features.

Best Canon Sublimation Printer

Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

This sublimation printer is compact and offers excellent print quality and various options. The quality printing and versatility make the printer highly recommended. It also replaces the previous CP1200. Hence, for the CP1200 owners, the SELPHY CP1300 can be worth upgrading. If you want to print in a flow or want this option, this printer will not disappoint you.

The only downside about this printer is it doesn’t include a USB to USB-B cable. However, those can be easily picked up separately.


  • The SELPHY CP 1300 wireless photo printer allows you to make the printing bright and long-lasting, which will be worth showing to co-workers or teams. Therefore, it’s good equipment to frame your personal photos to add personality to your work area.
  • Being wireless, it allows you to connect from anywhere.
  • This compact printer produces photos up to 4” X 6” in just about 47 seconds and a card-size photo in about 39 seconds.
  • It has a resolution of up to 300X300 dpi, providing a clear and sharp image.

Canon SELPHY QX10 Portable Square Photo Printer

It is a newcomer to Canon’s sublimation printer lineup. Selphy QX10 printer uses only one color cartridge with individual dye transfer films for Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta. It transfers the color onto a sheet of paper when heat is applied. The sublimation method helps the prints look better than the printers without ink and cartridges. The downside of this printer is that you can only print 20 photos before swapping out the cartridge.

Although creating photos is fun, but not for everyone. However, the QX10 printer is perfect for the niche it has. It is ideal for all Polaroid fans who want to save money per print and don’t want to buy a Polaroid ecosystem. If you are comfortable with this format, which is almost a pocketable printer, you can buy QX10. Remember that you can only use the Canon property paper, and the quality you get is brilliant.

How Would You Pick A Canon Sublimation Printer For You?

It is good to have options, but sometimes it confuses you. Fortunately, we have only two options for the Canon sublimation printer. Therefore, it would be easier for you to choose. It would be easy to make some categories to ease it. To simplify it, we categorize three things to judge its performance better. 

Print Quality

If you are looking for the latest printer that focuses on photo print, you should choose the top-quality printer. Every user checks for a different quality. But we believe quality is a good color production and consistent ink replacement. Hence, regarding the quality, both Canon printer options are worth considering.


As we need to connect our printers with either computer or mobile devices, connectivity is always on the priority list. So, you must check for the connectivity option if you want a wired or wireless connection.

Sublimation printers like QX10 have only a wireless connection, so if you want to print from a device that doesn’t support a wireless connection, you better go for the CP1300 to get more variety of options.


It is crucial to know your budget and buy things in that range. However, it might not be easy to determine how to get a quality product at an affordable price. As you know, printers will cost you more than their initial price due to their ink and paper. So, you always need a budget higher than the actual cost of the printer. Both the Canon sublimation printers we talked about are worth $100. You can check the price per print on the reviews sites or under the Specs on Amazon. Then, you can get an idea of the budget.

What To Consider Before Buying A Canon Sublimation Printer?

We talked briefly about the best Canon sublimation printer in 2022. But there are certain things you must consider before choosing one. The first and foremost thing is to ensure that your commanding device is compatible with the printer. Otherwise, you’ll end up buying the wrong stuff.

The second thing is to check the formats or print size options available. They should be according to your need or style. For instance, the SELPHY only prints square format photos. Avoid buying a printer if you don’t want to buy expensive ink cartridges always. You should be aware of the fact that sublimation printers consume more ink than traditional printers.


Both printers offer excellent quality and user experience. Their portability and excellent print quality make them worth considering. We recommend QX10 as the CP1300 is smaller than the traditional printer. If you want to go for a portable photo printer, both printers are pretty good. However, for more versatility, CP1300 is the one to go with. Also, follow the considerations we discussed- print quality, connectivity, and price while buying one.


Which Type Of Printer Is Required For Sublimation?

You cannot sublimate with any printer. The regular inkjet printer doesn’t provide a sublimation facility. You will need a specialized sublimation printer or converted inkjet printer with specialized ink and sublimation transfer paper, such as a Canon sublimation printer.

Does Canon SELPHY QX10 Use ink?

No, Canon SELPHY QX10 ink doesn’t use ink. They are designed to use dye transfer films which are heated and transferred onto paper. Hence, it doesn’t have the risk of clogging. However, you need to consistently replace cartridges and the paper after 20 photos.

Does SELPHY CP1300 Need Battery?

Yes, it has both battery and wall-powered options. Hence, it doesn’t always need a battery to print a photo.


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