Digital printing makes bookbinding galleys better and faster

Digital printing in Boston, Massachusetts continues to open new doors, especially in publishing and promoting printed books.

This method of producing books more quickly has also influenced the printing of advance copies of books for review before the final version is released to the market. These advanced copies are commonly known as bound galleys.

The cover of the bookbinding banner is not usually the cover of the published book. However, recent new and improved printing services allow authors to leave behind a nice looking cover, enough to pique the interest of readers who have received copies in advance. Self-publishers can take advantage of available digital book printing services to print high-quality, reviewer-friendly bound proofs. This type of printing is also economical.

Digital printing makes bound galley printing faster and better. Each copy contains printed text and full-color images. Contact top book printers near me for more information about galley digital book printing.

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