Animal crossing fans after paying attention to Grove.

Life simulation game of daily game situation of things passing through. The game is played in real-time and can be played for several months.

Cozy Grove and New Horizons have almost the same game theme. After the character arrives on the island, he can establish and simulate NPC dialogue. Each character NPC in Cozy Grove has rich stories and details to explain, while the islanders of Animal Crossing focus on a simple and relaxed language environment.

Games like animal wear are more suitable for inexperienced players. The goal of the animal crossing game movement should be to help the soul. The ACBellsBuy store adds the color of the game and helps players continue to buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets. Then release more parts of the island that you can explore to make the sport more meaningful. This allows you to hand over the entire island to you almost all day. And can keep the gameplay fresh.

A major feature of these two games may be the creativity of the players in terms of decoration and character modeling. Animal Crossing players praise the flexibility of the island design and custom clothing. Cozy Grove followed closely, allowing players to make decorations for campsites and correct their personalities.

The reasons behind the comfortable Grove Island design are also creative. When the player arrives, the area is a desolate and colorless area. So players can borrow Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets to build and produce. But as they progressed through the experience and continued to make handmade, the colors expanded throughout the area, and the player brought this tropical island back to life.

Fans of Animal Crossing will be excited by the interesting storyline and NPC characters. The whole night is played with achievements instead of relaxation. The reward game system will undoubtedly make players seriously consider persistence and a deep understanding of the spirit in the next few months.


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