The hoods currently take up the spot of this helmet right?

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Together with OSRS gold the Tokens, you can purchase some uselful stuff out of a store. The store will be alongside the bank chest suggested above and can sell stuff like arrows, runes and some meals. It's the simple notion, so if it's worth it (if I get some support) I could develop it longer.

Necklace of Death: Can Be Purchased in the Banker from Bounty Hunters, with it you can teleport to Bounty Hunters or Clan wars just from Away from the wilderness. You can recharge it to the amount of 1k by asking the banker in Bounty Hunters or simply by using it together with the fountain of Heroes. You may even recharge it by utilizing your Clan Wars Tokens which you earned. Some revenants may fall with different charges left.

That is my first proposal, im not on here much... If that has been suggested then sorry but I just got this thought in my head and it might or might not operate. (although I hope it's added so I can fill my cape spot with something useful) Castle wars now don't allow barrows equipment to be utilized with particular attacks in the moment I thought this was a bit unfair... So I had been thought of a way in which the specials could be added into a match.

The hoods currently take up the spot of this helmet right? So what if we could pay employing those saved up castle wars towards giving the helmet a particular ability. All of them could be bought at once but could NOT be altered during a match of cheap RuneScape gold castle wars. I had been thinking of about 200 tickets per skill. They will also be able to be sold for the 200 tickets again if desired to purchase another special ability hood.