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The question of child custody is a common one in divorce and separation proceedings. However, it's an equally emotionally distressing situation that must be sorted out in the courtroom. As such, expert legal representation becomes the need of the hour as the way you present your case can have a lasting effect on your family and personal life.

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Child Custody in California
In California, the court will determine child custody by factoring in the best interests of the child. This is determined based on several factors, amongst the most fundamental one is the ability of each parent to fulfill the child's physical and emotional needs. Other factors include the age, health, and relationship of the child with each parent.

All in all, the courts favor the best interests of the child, and it's factored in their judgements. The judge will also look at the schedule of each parent, when it comes to determining custody of their child. Once a child custody order is passed in California, it can only be modified if circumstances change considerably. Even then, the court will only rule in favor of the child's well-being.

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